Your perception of me Pre-existed from some Moment in history Your prejudice mind Reasoned that way Jealousy? Immaturity? Listening to a rumour? I. Stand. Accused. Of. Being who I am Saying what I believe Seeing the world as I perceive Think of me as a tree In a vast forest of sycamores I may bend … More JUDGY BITCH


SHOW GRATITUDE FOR GAIA From the high peaks of the mountains To the fertile valley floors The sparkling rivers that flow Into the vast oceans and shores Open wide your arms and embrace As you let your deeply held connection To Mamma Gaia Hold space Nourish and entwine your Gaian soul of Creative expression To … More EARTH HOUR

Poetry by Mel

UPGRADE THE HUMAN BEING Upgrade the human being Is. There. An. App. For. That. I’m concerned! We Don’t need A new iPhone A new gun To Shoot Anyone A new technology That claims It. Will. Solve. All. Our. Problems. We need to get involved Elevate ourselves Open our damn eyes to Get a clear view … More Poetry by Mel

Enchanted Gathering

Brownies bustled, sweeping the forest floor Chimera took charge, baring tooth an claw Faeries by the dozen, maybe hundreds, in a buzz As Fuaths, the ugly little jerks, mischievous, poked tongues   Gnomes patted the dust from their peaked red hats While Pixies played the tambourine like aristocrats A group of Elves stood apart, their … More Enchanted Gathering

Deadly Memories

Title: Deadly Memories Author: Mary Alford Genre: Fiction – Romantic Suspense Formats: Mass Market Paperback & eBook Published by: Love Inspired Suspense, Harlequin Digital Sales Corp.  ISBN-13: 978-0373457151 Pub. Date: June 6, 2017 Number of pages: 224 Content Warning: N/A Age Restriction: Adults Purchase at: Amazon.com, B&N, Amazon.ca & Amazon.co.uk Author Bio: Mary Alford was inspired to become a writer after reading … More Deadly Memories