Resetting my Brain Journal Days 3-5

screenshot_20170131-114620JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF MY CORE

Over the weekend, I found it was an adjustment in exercising my mind, during meals, to figure out the right portion to eat and to stop before feeling too full. It truly is a lesson in learning to listen to your body. Listen to your body – what does that mean? And how can we do it?

As I mentioned in my previous journal, there are two elements to the mind – the conscious and the subconscious.

CONSCIOUS – Our critical mind – we use it daily when making decisions, processing information (like now), and in getting things done. But our conscious mind also processes feelings of self-doubt, procrastination, worry and Second Guessing . Interestingly, if you don’t believe in your decision making or make a decision on a whim, you are less likely to achieve the desired outcome you wanted to accomplish. How many times, especially with healthy eating and exercise, have you fallen into this trap?

SUBCONSCIOUS – Our activating mind – Take a moment to stop thinking, it’s hard isn’t it. Thoughts jump through your mind at speeds when you don’t even realise sometimes. Quieting your mind is a practice that needs to be practiced every day. Train yourself to listen to your body, your unconscious mind requires training just as much as every other muscle in your body.  Your body pays attention to you by letting you know your over-working (your immune system drops) or by letting you know to take a break (you brain is hungry). It can only be ignored for so long, right? Right!

Here are 3 steps in listening to your inner core by activating your subconscious mind-

1. SLOW DOWN – Take regular breaks and move your body without thinking about the task you’re trying to complete.

2. RELAX AND BREATHE – Yoga classes teach breathing that relaxes the body and mind, by learning these easy techniques you can learn to listen better.

3. PRACTICE DAILY – Remember to take time each day to still yourself and breathe. Listen and learn.

During the last 3 days I was able to find just the right amount to eat at meal times. I was satisfied. Instead of drinking soft drink throughout the day, I drank water. Not only did this help with the full feeling but it also acts as a flush to expel toxins from my body (more on that next blog).

One thing I haven’t achieved over the last 5 days, since beginning this experiment, is to regulate my exercise to a daily event; however, I am not worried at this point because I feel my body is adjusting to everything else. Exercise will become more regular next week.


Chocolate eaten – None

Meditation – daily

Meals reduced by half – Yes

Listen to recording – missed 1 day

3lts of water per day – Yes

Energy levels – definitely improving

Exercise – Not regular

Well-being – Happy within myself


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