“I wish one of my personalities liked cleaning.”

  1. A Hobgoblin is a small sometimes hairy man creature found in dwellings of human or fae. They do odd jobs around the house while the residents sleep. Chores like cleaning, washing, ironing and dusting are completed before waking hours. Hobgoblins are fond of practical jokes and are sometimes very teachable.

Excerpt from The Halfling

In a single jump, he bounced onto the bed, stuck his chubby face right in front of hers and said, “My name is Poehlin, but please, call me Poe.”

He jumped down, quick as a flash, and bowed low to the floor before continuing, “I come from a long line of hobgoblins specialising in cleaning house.”

It’s my quest to spring clean

Cheerful, fun, pristine scene

Dirty house is gone in a flutter

I aim to arrange and order your clutter

He smiled, danced a quick jig, splayed his arms wide, and curtseyed. Eliana smiled at him in return, finding his antics amusing.” 

Poehlin, from the novel THE HALFLING, is found residing in Farimdore’s dwelling. The reason he is unable to leave is because he stole the wizards… 

“I’ve been cursed to clean. By Farimdore.”

Eliana hid her mouth behind her hand and tried not to laugh at the serious expression of the hobgoblin.

“I see.”

“It’s a terrible curse Miss Eliana. I is allergic to dust. Makes me sneeze something fierce.”

At that, she burst out laughing and stepped across to a chair set up on one side of the room…

She turned to the hobgoblin, still chuckling.

“And why did Farimdore curse you? I don’t know him very well but considering he saved my life I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt.”

“Nothing Miss Eliana, Nothing! I mean I did kinda steal his favourite chicken.”

“And did you give it back?

“Okay so I did kinda steal, and um, kinda eat, his favourite chicken. But is that worth twenty years of being cursed to clean?”

To purchase your copy of THE HALFLING click on the link.

Poehlin The Hobgoblin



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