Not your usual Sunday

It started like every other Sunday morning but by 10am, I knew today was going to end up very different, indeed.
After all it’s not everyday these names are mentioned in conversations: Thylacinids, Microleo, Whollydooleya, and the recent find of a crocodile species closely related to Mekosuchus sanderi called Trilophosuchus rackhami.
Let’s talk about the Trilophosuchus rackhami for a little while.
This crocodile had a ridged head which had three crests running along the top of its skull. It grew to approximately 1.5 metres long and had razor sharp teeth. It roamed around Riversleigh during the Oligo-Miocene period. Now, that means, this wild beast lived between about 15 million to 20 million years before now! A real fossil.
Another cool fact about Trilophosuchus rackhami is he is named after my dear family friend (my second dad) Alan Rackham.
After spending the morning roaming around Outback Isa‘s fossil museum and processing lab, I have to say I learnt a lot.
In the last 30 million years we have learnt more about the evolution of mammals from bones found at two particular sites in the Riversleigh fossil beds.
Continuing discoveries are helping scientists trace the origins of our native species. The fossils excavated from Riversleigh are diverse and they not only help piece together the past but also in defining a story of the ecology, geology and nature through time.
There is over 40km2 of site to explore with D Site being the only section of the national park open to the public. Keen fossickers can find the remains of turtles, snails, fish, dromomithid birds, bats, and dipratodontids! (my favourite).
Outback at Isa is the tourism and information centre of Mount Isa.
Locals and tourists visit for meals, to take tours and to catch up with friends.
It’s a great place to do something out of the ordinary like tour the underground mine, or the fossil centre, browse the art gallery or visit the outback park.

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