Have you ever noticed how bringing fresh colourful flowers into your space can instantly change your attitude? The inflow of refreshment is energising and welcoming. The smell is fragrant and sweet and the whole area brightens the room somewhat. It’s almost like there is magic in the air.

Spring is here and its time for new beginnings so dust off your hat and head outside to smell the freshness.

Farmers and gardeners plant seeds bringing the earth to life, animals awake from slumber (if you live in the Northern hemisphere) and baby animals are born, and in your local region, fresh buds of love and romance begin to bloom. 

And most importantly for creatives, saplings of ideas begin to form emerging from the images (2)recesses of your productive and driven mind.

Spring has always been known as a time of new beginnings and birth. So it’s the perfect season to tap into your creativity and grow. The shift in your energy has begun. No more rest and recuperation is needed for winter is over!

The rhythm of life cycles through the seasons transforming us into individuals of evolution. Our desires, behaviour, thoughts, and needs change as we grow in self-knowledge and experience. This transition is part of being human. It’s inevitable.

As humans, we have emotional needs that require attention throughout all the years of our lives. Interestingly, neuroscience has linked the four seasons to our internal dynamic energy.

The Four Seasons of Transformation

  • Summer: A season of rewards, celebration, and fulfillment.
  • Autumn: A season for survival, mistakes, and problems.
  • Winter: A season for reflection, hibernation, and planning.
  • Spring: A season for learning, opportunity and dynamic thinking.


imagesJust as the earth is flexing its creativity in vibrant colours, patterns, and abundance so can you. Energy is contagious making now the perfect time to jump head first into that new project or breath life into that stagnant one of seasons passed. This spring develop new skills and enhance old ones. Meet new people, alter your mindset, expand your knowledge, create opportunities. Feel love, happiness, appreciation and be confident.


A spring time of life creativity
Long before us
There once had been –
This is from where we humans, too, are derived –
The Merman and the Nymph within the waters –
Universal Fluidum –
These are our origin, our kinship most intimate! –
And First Man, first to see sun’s light on earth
Nourished by the saps through a hole-black Vulva,
Embossed into secret earth retreats,
Centrifugally centripetally
Would have certainly had, you’d bet,
His visions
Set in tune with the unembodied premium
Young & sportive Cosmic Couple’s dream creation world
That had parented Him in Her,
God all around,
Very accurately –

So many funny, strangely physical, quirky
Animal gook & geek heads to be
Visualized in dreamy mindscapes of sudden inspiration then,

Out of which grand seeing in
Gay times of Spring seasons, and a
Veritable peak time in young Nature come alive,
It holds that
The abounding nature spirits possessed of
Ever stronger body dreams naturally are
Pressing for the creation of
Themselves in Earth’s solid matters,
All these selfsame animals, first seen in hazy dreams,
Now suddenly hopping around in flesh and horned,
Out there, beyond the loam –

The grand stage enactionment
Orchestrated through alignment of webs from
Threads spun in Cosmic Mind with the lively motions on
The planetary seed of our globe, the
Furtive spur for the earth seed to germinate,
Seconded and carried on further in First Man’s visionary faces –

The earthen destillary’s utensils handled
Through Her various moods of global tempests
And Her lighter weather tempers,
And Their means of fine-tuning the ladling storms cross- & directionwise,
On this our so revolutionary globe,
Destined to be focused on by real-time Gods in the making,

For the act of
A mysterious Creation’s high-spirited,
Cosmodreamvision-empowered encapsulization into divinely
Potent magic seeds of ever more & more variegated new forms and
Figures of Life frolicking, all of which eventually
Chance to be mixed up, boiled and
Served out in seed form by
The adventurously playful cosmic visionaire’s
Quickening arm of reproduction
In some deep-bottomed vaginal cups
On the rock of earth, during the festival of this
God’s world arena’s grand self-enhancement, with all
The happy-go-lucky planet’s earth spirits concentrated and
Gathered in for a most favourably weathered
Spring time season of (r) evolutionary creation –

All spiced up ingredients of lively matter red-hot with
Most vibrant energy.

A season, surpassed since long by
Another era of actions on the globe,
The ones before us and the present one,
That but until this very day, though
Not any longer bent on diversifying seed creativity –

(With our human demigods taken over the command
Rather to the contrary as of now) –

Reverberates still so wondrous
Through high and low of the earth planet’s go.



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I’ve always been passionate about storytelling and impressed by the influence it has on people and the decisions they make in life. I love engaging with the projects I work on, diving headfirst into the research, investigation, and production of stories and articles I feel are worth writing about.

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