Enchanted Gathering

Brownies bustled, sweeping the forest floor

Chimera took charge, baring tooth an claw

Faeries by the dozen, maybe hundreds, in a buzz

As Fuaths, the ugly little jerks, mischievous, poked tongues


Gnomes patted the dust from their peaked red hats

While Pixies played the tambourine like aristocrats

A group of Elves stood apart, their noses up high

Pegasus kept a keen lookout high in the sky


For the word was abroad in the woodland that day

That the ancient spirits would come out to play


Soft music could be heard from far away

Coming closer; the Mountain Nymphs started to sway

Keen excitement, respectful fear, mingled with eager hope

Tingled through the gathering, as a kaleidoscope


Of auras surrounded the scene

And the image of the ancients who had been

Present when the Earth was born shone upon them

Giving them love and hope and the energy to become


The best creatures they could be in a forest full of ones

Individuals, loving entities, daughters and sons

Live in harmony, pursue your dreams

And praise the earth, the sun and moonbeams.
(C) MHNorth 2018

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