scan0027 (9)

Your perception of me
Pre-existed from some
Moment in history
Your prejudice mind
Reasoned that way

Listening to a rumour?

I. Stand. Accused. Of.
Being who I am
Saying what I believe
Seeing the world as I perceive

Think of me as a tree
In a vast forest of sycamores
I may bend toward the East
I might not be strong – I’m the shrubbiest
My leaves; a different shade of green
But I still belong
And my trunk has knots as you can see
But. I. Am. Still. A. Tree.

Do you not agree?

WE are also miracles on Earth
Look in a mirror
Take a good look at yourself
The smug niche you have shelved
We are both human beings
With faults that make us
Who. We. Are. Today.
To discriminate
Pains me more than I can say
If only you would
Show self-love first and know
It’s the only way you will grow
When you see this tree
Please accept it as me.

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