Mulga transforms wall into a work of art

The Mount Isa Family Fun Park entrance has been transformed into a creative burst of colour by Sydney based ‘artrepreneur’, Mulga.

The once drab wall now represents the regions flora and fauna in a vibrant and uplifting testament to sustaining community spirit.

Larger than life orange, green, red and blue crocodiles, birds, kangaroos, emus and native flowers welcome families to the park, ensuring a fun day out.

Mulga whose real name is Joel Moore, arrived in Mount Isa on Tuesday, with his assistant, Kirk, after being commissioned by the Council, and on Thursday more than 35 students wielding paint brushes added their mark to the wall.

“It’s always nice to get students involved, they love it. They get a sense of ownership and get to miss out on doing Maths in class,” he joked.

“It’s a win win.”

The wall

Joel explained how he received the nickname, Mulga.

“It was back in year five. I recited Banjo Pattison’s poem, Mulga Bill’s Bicycle, in front of the class, and the name Mulga stuck with me all these years,” he said.

Although Mulga studied art at school, he landed a job as a financial planner once graduating.

“I was tied to a desk, stuck in a job I didn’t feel any passion for,” he said.

Like most people he wanted to fill his working years with a job he connected with, but he didn’t think it was possible.

“During those years I couldn’t imagine quitting my day job and just being an artist, but it seems the impossible was possible and dreams can come true.”

His creative portfolio to date is impressive with over 56 shows, winner of AS Colours Little Help Project t-shirt design competition, achieving gold at the Illustrators Australia awards, and being a finalist and people’s choice winner at Hazelhurst’s Art on Paper.

His first solo art show was in 2012 after painting Dolphin Beard Donnie and his 3 dolphin friends at Bondi Beach.

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