The effect illegally dumped waste has on our City, environment and society

Illegally dumped rubbish on a well known walking track.

Illegal dumping of garbage is fast becoming a major issue in Mount Isa after the State Government imposed Waste Levy was introduced at the beginning of July, and despite Mount Isa City Council pouring enormous resources into managing the waste at the upgraded Waste Management facility, it hasn’t deterred some people from finding their own dumping grounds and avoiding the fees.

Seeing huge piles of old house items, used products and general waste dumped at the end of dirt roads or at the bottom of foothills is an eyesore, in an otherwise beautiful place, but the trend is on the rise and increasingly becoming a problem.

Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about the Levy being enforced, but there is other things we can do to take PRIDE in our city and look after it.

One way is to notify Mount Isa City Council by using a form to report illegal dumping.

Common illegally dumped items include:

  • household rubbish and garden waste
  • household goods (such as whitegoods, TV’s, mattresses and furniture)
  • building waste (construction and demolition materials)
  • tyres
  • chemical drums and paint tins

The Effects of Illegal Dumping on the Environment, Wildlife and Humans

Illegal dumping destroys the environment and harms plants and animals, and has a number of negative effects on society.

If garbage is dumped in an area accessible to the public such as walking trails, then people can be exposed to health and injury risks.

The aesthetics of dumped garbage can reduce tourism, especially when camping and outdoor activities are extremely common, which in turn could dramatically reduce community revenue.

In the wet season, the dumped waste can impede the natural run-off of water. This could cause water to build up in areas, and increase the risk of illness and health issues, not to mention contamination of rivers and lakes.

Illegal dumping can adversely affect many native species of plants and animals. If animals consume waste from illegal dump sites it can cause health complications and even death.

Toxins from waste can leach into the surrounding environment killing plants and destroying the food source of local animals.

If you suspect an area is being used for illegal dumping please let the Council know immediately.



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