R U OK? North West Queensland

Gidgee Healing Programme Officer Quiana Busch cooks a BBQ

Saving a person’s life could be as simple as starting a conversation about mental health this R U OK? Day, and that is just what Gidgee Healing Programme Officer Quiana Busch intended when she organised the Deadly Choice event with Headspace and Mob Fm.

R U OK? Day is dedicated to reminding everyone to ask that question, however Quiana said it’s more than that.

“It’s a reminder to all members of the community to ask the question everyday, by asking R U OK? We open the lines of communication,” Quiana said.

“Suicide is becoming a common occurrence so this is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness and support people who may be struggling.”

The Gidgee Healing Burke St Clinic car park transformed into a place where community members came for a yarn, to play games, win merchandise and to have a feed.

“It’s also to help them become aware of some of the services the community offer,” she said.

Gidgee Healing Health Services Manager Mount Isa Rachel Wainwright said this is the first event they have had since she came on board.

“I have been with Gidgee for two years working in the Lower Gulf clinics, and the last three months at Burke Street. This a big event for us here. It’s very exciting,” Rachel said.

“Sometimes asking R U OK? Is all it takes. Mental health still has a stigma about it and that needs to be broken down, so we need to ask the question more. Even just taking the time to say G’day could be all it takes for someone to open up.”

“Within Gidgee Healing, I want to create a space where people can come and feel safe to have a yarn if they’re feeling a bit off,” she said.

Gidgee Healing’s Deadly Choices provide a number of school and community-based programs that promote healthy lifestyles by encouraging changes in behaviour. 

Good Quick Tukka – healthy cooking and nutrition demonstrations within schools

Tobacco Cessation Program – addressing the risk factors of smoking and encourages cessation in schools and community

Gidgee Healing Deadly Choices, Headspace Coffee Corner Cart, Mob Fm attended the event.


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